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Memo from Bill Henderson, President & CEO of Tier Three Brokerage

Never has the statement that we live in unprecedented times been truer. The COVID-19 situation has reimagined every scenario in which we interact, work and live.

We fully support and are following public health recommendations. We will continue, as always, to pursue the best interest of our clients, while ensuring we do so in a manner that is safe for our clients, our employees and our communities. Although in-person meetings are temporarily suspended, we remain open for business via electronic and digital means.

We have also been fielding many questions and concerns from our clients and customers, and we understand how significantly your lives are upended, and that you have many doubts and uncertainties. Thank you for your patience and keep in mind that all crises eventually end. The attached article is our perspective on the situation. Please click on this link to access:

Impact of the Current COVID-19 Pandemic on Dental Practice Valuations and Sales