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ON – Markham Family Practice
Listing #293

When we compare this practice against what purchasers tell us they want, this one really delivers!

Lots of patients? This practice has over 2,100 active patients with a total patient count of 2,393 over the past 24 months, of whom 2,071 have had one or more hygiene appointments in the past 12 months!

Strong Hygiene Program? Hygiene represents over 55% of the past years billings, and the hygiene revenue per patient per year is almost 25% above average.

Revenue upside? Absolutely! This is a non-assignment practice, on the current fee guide, with very conservative dentists. The dental billings per patient per year are currently running at less than half of the average level, suggesting a very significant revenue opportunity for a dentist with a more comprehensive approach.

Transition risk? Will be below average given that the vendor wants to stay on several days a week in the future.

Real Estate? Why pay rent to a landlord and deal with the long term uncertainty, when you can own the building you practice in and “pay yourself rent”.

New Equipment? Well, it doesn’t deliver on this one. The practice does not have digital x-rays and much of the equipment in the 3 ops is older. But with the cash flow this practice is capable of, you can plan to buy exactly the equipment you want going forward. This practice has what is very hard to find: a lot of patients, strong hygiene, revenue upside and reduced transition risk. New equipment is far easier to find at a reasonable price than all these other factors that are in extreme limited supply in today?s market.

If you would like to learn more, we will send you a profile with more details. If the profile only heightens your interest, we can then send you the full appraisal for the practice and the building.

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