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ON – Toronto Midtown Dental Patient Base
Signed LOI
Listing #1597

Once you have a signed CA on file with Tier Three, request a full appraisal for this conservatively run family practice patient base. 

If you have an existing practice in the area and have been looking to expand your patient base, this rare opportunity to add nearly 800 patients that have been seen for one or more appointments in the past 12 months may appeal to you.

The practice charges the current ODA suggested fee guide, with approximately 80% of the patients having dental insurance and less than 1% that receive dentistry provided by government assistance.

Acquiring new patients in todays very oversupplied dental practice environment is one of the biggest challenges facing any practice that wants to grow.

Adding patients and the revenue that comes with them, can really enhance practice earnings. This is because your fixed costs (i.e. rent, most utilities, advertising, telephone, etc.) don’t change, you get economies of scale on other costs and you obtain an intrinsic value source of ongoing new patient referrals from the expanded patient base.  All of this has a positive impact on your bottom line

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Act today for your chance to add more to your patient base

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