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ON – GTA Elite Start-Up Practice with Training Facility
Listing #6724

PRICE REDUCED Is your vision to have your ideal new start-up practice without any challenges of doing the legwork, planning and construction? The current owner of this beautiful start up office is looking to pass along this opportunity they did the work, and you have a chance to reap the benefits! They have reduced the asking price and will now accept an offer $500,000 less than the appraised value.

This professionally designed, well equipped facility includes 5,000 square feet of space, including approximately 1,400 square feet of training/teaching space. There are 7 operatory chairs in total: 2 spacious surgical rooms; 2 restorative rooms; 2 hygiene rooms; and 1 diagnostic/consult room. In addition to the operatories there is: a state-of-the-art sterilization centre; CBCT pan; lab; recovery room; various administrative spaces and offices; as well as a training/teaching facility which includes the digital equipment necessary for webinars, as well as powered desks for 24 students on-site, a kitchenette and separate registration/reception desk area.

But this is more than just a beautiful new office. The real story here is the long-term ability for you to grow your patient base, as well as the treatments you provide in-house, and if you have the vision, the opportunity to expand your career and influence in the dental industry providing training and teaching as well. For easy commuting, the practice enjoys access to large thoroughfares and major highways, just a few blocks away and it is wheelchair accessible with free parking for patients and staff.

For a small, medium or even large sized DSO, this might represent an opportunity to consolidate several smaller practices into one high-end location reducing overall overhead costs, enabling a full range of services to be offered at the same location. The on-site training facility could provide the space to hold onboarding and advanced clinical and administrative training sessions, both in person and remotely, in a well-defined space located directly in conjunction with the practice.

Virtual appointments are available 12 hours/day, and in-person showings will be scheduled on an individual basis as requested. Please complete the online enquiry form to receive our profile with further information.



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