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ON – Cambridge-Kitchener-Waterloo Area Start Up
Listing #1570

Do you have a vision to create your ideal dental practice and wanted it to start yesterday? With this opportunity, you can hit the ground running.  When deciding where to start a new practice, strong population growth, a great location and limited existing competition are usually at the top of everyones list. Finding that rare opportunity is what makes all the headaches and expense of building a new office worthwhile.

What if you could get those benefits, without the headaches and expense of building a new office? The current owner of this beautiful new start up office has encountered personal challenges that makes continued ownership infeasible so they did the work, and you have a chance to reap the benefits!

This is a beautiful, well equipped facility with over 2,200 ft2 of space.  There are 2 equipped ops, and 4 more plumbed and wired to handle future growth.  The office is staffed, and already operating.  When you see it, we think youll agree, you likely couldnt have built anything better yourself. 

But this is more than just a beautiful new office.  The real story here is the long term growth opportunity.  The practice is located in an up and coming Tri-Cities bedroom community.  Average age in the community is 31, allowing a family-oriented practitioner the chance to grow along with all the new families locating in the area. 

Currently there is new development totalling 1,100 new homes underway and the community is estimated to grow to over 10,000 people in the next decade. Today, there is only one other office.  And, best of all, you will have exclusivity not just in the major new plaza the office is in, but your landlord, who is also the residential real estate developer, has agreed not to allow dental offices in any of the other retail plazas it is building to support the new homes. 

If new start up opportunities get better than this, we simply havent seen it!


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