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Announcement to customers

Dear Valued Customer,

I’m writing to you to let you know about the next big step forward in Tier Three’s ability to help with your dental practice valuation, purchase and transition needs.  A few of you have been working with us since the company was founded in 1982, by Barry and Mary Jane Howie.  A few more will recall when the current leadership team joined in 2008, introducing Advanced Patient Metrics®, revolutionising the information in practice appraisals, introducing the first registry for buyers to get email notices of new practice listings, and eventually expanding our services to clients right across Canada.  Well, in our opinion, the time has arrived for the next big step forward!

We are thrilled to announce that effective immediately, Tier Three has joined Henry Schein, Canada’s largest provider of health care products and services to dentists, and the World’s largest network of dental practice transitions firms.  Beginning now, Tier Three and Henry Schein will be working together to bring a significantly enhanced range of valuation and transition services to dentists across Canada.

For practice owners looking towards their future transition, Tier Three will be working with Henry Schein’s extensive network across Canada, to identify even more buyers, enabling giving owners even more choice of who to transition their practice to.  For those of you looking to buy a practice, Henry Schein’s relationship with so many practice owners across the country will open up more opportunities.  Combining the resources of Henry Schein and Tier Three will enable even better support and service both before and after practice transitions take place.

Tier Three will remain a standalone business, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Henry Schein Inc. We will be working directly with Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions, a division of Henry Schein Financial Services, which is the largest practice transition firms in the US, and part of the largest global network of valuation and transition firms, allowing Tier Three to deploy innovative solutions from around the world, to better meet the needs of Canadian Dentists.

While we have joined a much bigger family, the team you know from Tier Three is not going anywhere. The management team, the office team, and our great group of transition consultants/sales representatives, are all looking forward to continuing to work with you leveraging the combined skills of Tier Three and Henry Schein to find even better solutions to your practice ownership and transition goals.


Bill Henderson, On Behalf of the entire Tier Three team!