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I just wanted to formally thank you. Your team went the extra mile and beyond in this long and personally stressful procedure. I could not be more thrilled with the outcome.

I met you at the ODA Spring Clinic two years back and had the good fortune to share a vacant spot at your lunch table. After informally discussing the transition from being an owner to retirement you pointed me in the right direction. What a fortunate lunch meeting that was for me.

Your entire approach was efficient, professional and low key. The appraisal you came up with was comprehensive and thorough and exceeded my expectations. The prospective purchasers you brought to my door did not disappoint. You guided me through the numerous formal offers with great skill along with a profound understanding of what I was looking for in handing over my life’s work. You took the time to get to know me and the ‘fit’ with the new owners could not have been a better one. That meant a lot to me and I am grateful to you.

If anyone is considering selling or transitioning from full time practice and is looking for a brokerage firm to facilitate that huge move I would like to make three suggestions. One, start early! Two, get your premises lease in order! And finally, number three…I would highly recommend they use the services of Tier Three Brokerage Ltd. Please feel free to have any prospective clients contact me if they need a personal recommendation and a detailed description of the process from the perspective of a seller.

Despite numerous hurdles put in our way you were able to go over, around and through them all. I can’t believe my sale took the turns and twists that it did over the course of a year. I also can’t count how many emails, phone calls and cups of coffee we shared as the deal progressed. You earned every penny of your commission!
The lifestyle I am living now is vastly different than the one I left behind as the owner/principal Dentist and I do not regret the sale of my practice in the least. I am so glad I was able to accomplish this move with your incredible assistance and I am deeply indebted to you.”

Dr. Rick Sirisko, Mississauga

“If you are contemplating selling your practice speak to Tier Three. They will give you the most amazing personal service. They have the knowledge and understanding you need and achieved results beyond my wildest dreams.”

Dr. David Bleeman, Mississauga

“Selling a dental practice is an extremely emotional event. Tier Three deserved gold stars on every aspect of our sale. No matter what questions or situations arose, our Sales Representative, no matter where he was responded quickly with thoughtful, sage, level headed and calming advice. We feel privileged to have had such a fine company broker our sale.”

Dr. Al Macdonald, Ottawa